Labels for Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Applications


Numbered Labels

All labels need to be accounted for. GetLabels can print sequential numbers on the back side of your labels (back of the liner). Please consult a specialist for more details.

No Change Agreement

Labels can’t change without your authorization as they could impact your devices. GetLabels understands that and has a system in place for that requirement. Should we be forced to make a change, we will notify you to verify that it doesn’t impact your production before proceeding with the suggested change.

Custom Packaging — Your Part Number, Barcode, Lot #, Expiry Date

Product & Box labels can be customized to display the customer’s own documented part number, for example. Other possible customizations include barcoding, adding lot# information, expiry date, etc.


Available upon request, GetLabels can issue & include a Certificate of Conformance with each shipment. Custom certificates can be issued at a minor additional fee.

Clean Rooms Require Clean Labels

GetLabels can substitute corrugated cores with plastic cores. Furthermore, each roll can be individually shrink-wrapped to keep dust out in the event labels will be used in a clean room environment. Some materials can be supplied on clear PET liner should paper liners not be acceptable for your production environment. We go the extra mile if you have done so yourself!

Cryogenic Adhesive

Quite often labels must withstand dry ice (-80F) and/or liquid nitrogen (-320F) temperatures. A very special cryogenic adhesive is hence necessary.  GetLabels has what you need.

Steam Autoclave

Steam autoclave can prove to be very challenging for Inkjet labels. GetLabels developed a matte polypropylene facestock that, when printed on with water-based pigment ink, will meet your expectations and will not “bleed”.

Plasticizer Resistance

Many PVC-covered glass bottles release plasticizers over time. These plasticizers will lead to deterioration of the standard adhesives. We have designed a solvent-based adhesive that withstands plasticizers.