Labels for Wine, Beer & Spirits


Wet Strength

Moist facestock must be able to withstand abrasion and not break apart.

Water & Abrasion Resistance

Printed labels must resist moisture, potentially ice & water submersion without inks bleeding, smudging or rubbing off the label.

Repositionability & Removability

The label might be required to become removable in hot water or simply be temporarily repositionable because they are hand applied, in the event the label isn’t perfectly straight on your first attempt.

Great Eye-Catching Graphics with Premium Prime Label Look & Feel

Inkjet printing technology requires a special receiver coating for images to look vibrant, for colors to stand out, for your product label to be world class and withstand moisture.  Our labels will impress you with their velum or textured appearance and they will make your product stand out to better convey your brand & image.