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Before you contact us, please make a note of the
following information:

  • Model Number/Name of your printer
  • Specs of the material you are currently using
  • Application requirements (ex: food to go in the freezer)
  • Issues you are experiencing (ex: label peeling off, ink bleeding, fading, etc…)

Phone Assistance:

If you have an urgent need to contact GetLabels’ Technical Support department after normal business hours 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST, please use our contact form below or call Toll-Free at 877-757-7978.

Your call will be answered by a voicemail system that will prompt you to leave a message. An Application Engineer will receive your message and return your call promptly.

When leaving a message, please state your name, telephone number with extension, company name, the model number/model name of your printer and a brief description of the reason you are calling.


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