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Welcome to GetLabels! Our labels are engineered for lasting impressions. Created by a team of pressure-sensitive label and thermal transfer ribbon experts, GetLabels offers everything you need to print the most beautiful and durable labels for your products to shine. Your brand matters to us and we always, through consultation and a comprehensive sampling program, will make sure that you have the right label for your application. In our Materials Research Laboratory, we study new materials and inks every day. Our test capabilities are world class!

Customer Focus

Strong of our 20 years of experience with customers around the world, we are ready to study the specifics of your situation. At GetLabels, we understand your increasing need for proper branding and the challenges associated. You need to label a product that is stored in a freezer and will maintain a vibrant color? You need to label your products to sustain outdoor use and not get scratched with handling? We’ve got you covered. We offer ink and labels for processors and manufacturers in the following industries including: Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, E-Juice and Chemical industries, among others.


The GetLabels approach is consultative. Together, we engage to discuss the specifics of your environment from the details of your production line to the destination of your products (storage, display, etc…). With all this information, we will recommend one (or more) options that would best fit your product. If you agree, we will proceed to sampling. Once approved, we can produce a quote and let you decide! You already have a label material you are working with? Not sure if there is a better fit out there? Send us a sample and with the environment info mentioned above, we will make a recommendation as well.

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