Quality Labels 101

Below are some common examples of label quality issues one may run into and how we address & prevent them at GetLabels.

Corrugated and/or paper dust

Many labels and most liners are made of paper. The majority of label rolls are made with corrugated cores. Given the extensive use of paper and corrugated cores in the industry, it is quite common to hear new customers talk about printing problems they have experienced in the past. Some of these reported problems include extensive dust accumulation inside their label printer, which eventually makes its way to the expensive printhead and causes print defects. At GetLabels we take extra precautions to eliminate paper and corrugated dust before it reaches the label converting equipment and to make sure it stays away from your label roll during transportation by using polybags and optional shrink-wrap. Plastic cores as well as synthetic PET liners are optional for those using their label printer in a clean room environment.

Edge Trim Inconsistencies

Some of you printing edge-to-edge graphics have surely experienced difficulties due to label roll edge trim inconsistencies. At GetLabels we take extra precautions to ensure those edge trims are consistent, very cleanly cut (to prevent dust which can also be the result of poorly cut edge trims) and that your label material is perfectly centered on the liner.

Reflective Bar/Mark Placement Accuracy

Some printers require that black mark centered in the gap area, others require marks starting at the leading edge of the label. No matter where your printer needs it to be so to print on clear, custom shapes or matrix-in labels, we make very sure it is exactly where it needs to be. Not only is it in the right location, it will remain at that location consistently throughout the roll. Furthermore, GetLabels will ensure your reflective bars / marks are of adequate thickness and printed with a black ink using the right density and opacity. Because we know different printers have different requirements in that regard.

Roll Inner & Outer Diameter

GetLabels manufactures rolls that fit your printer whether it utilizes an internal roll or an external roll unwinder. Let us know if you have a special requirement.

Quality Die-Cut Labels

This topic seems out of place but many technical issues are related to the quality (or lack of quality) of the die-cut. When poorly manufactured, your labels could break once loaded in your label applicator. That’s usually due to the die-cut having gone a bit too deep and cutting through the liner in such a way that the liner can no longer withstand the tension it is under once in your label applicator. Sometimes the label won’t separate from the liner properly due to the die-strike being a bit too deep. Some labels where the matrix was left in place could experience what’s known as adhesive bridging, preventing the matrix from separating easily when the time has come for you to remove that matrix. A number of issues can take root here. At GetLabels, we know that, keep a very keen eye on those potential issues and our Quality Assurance engineers put their talent at your service to ensure nothing but great quality products reach your doorstep.

UL 969 Recognized Media

UL is a global company committed to connecting people to safer, more secure, more sustainable products, services, experiences and environments by helping companies demonstrate safety, confirm compliance, enhance sustainability, manage transparency, deliver quality and performance, strengthen security, protect brand reputation, build workplace excellence, and advance societal wellbeing.

UL 969 in particular deals directly with the standards for marking and labeling systems. It outlines requirements for adhesive-attached labels whether pressure-sensitive, heat-activated, or solvent-activated for a variety of end uses. UL 969 recognition is not given to an entity, but to each material that an entity wants to register.

Here at GetLabels, we have many products that are UL 969 recognized. Please contact us so we can discuss your specific requirements.




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