Materials Research Laboratory

Testing & Standards

At GetLabels, we take the integrity and quality of each of our materials seriously, and our Materials Research Lab is where we conduct all qualification tests. Every paper or synthetic label, film or tag, ink or toner that we produce undergoes testing here to measure its adhesion strength and resistance to moisture, chemical solvents, abrasion, and UV light. These tests ensure that we deliver a high-quality final product that meets and exceeds our customers’ needs.


Here at GetLabels we value our customers, which is why quality assurance is paramount to us. We strive to provide products at their highest-quality, always aiming to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Following documented quality procedures abiding to ISO standards, our quality assurance engineers follow our products from raw material all the way through to their completed state in the manufacturing and packaging process. With this level of accountability, GetLabels can fully guarantee the quality of our delivered products.